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Examples for

KeywordSearch VolumeCommercial ValueSEO DifficultyModified KEIPrice
large metal signs9010 (0.1%)26 (1.4%)3.8X00 USD
round rock dentist39056 (0.7%)0 (0%)X00 USD
destiny multiplayer72026 (1.4%)X00 USD
buy toaster oven7012 (0.1%)44 (2.3%)2.7X00 USD
electric oven290073 (0.9%)40 (2.1%)18.3X00 USD
toaster oven33100179 (2.1%)61 (3.2%)29.3X00 USD
toaster oven reviews660054 (0.6%)61 (3.2%)8.9X00 USD
second career39015 (0.2%)63 (3.3%)2.4X00 USD
riding mowers660098 (1.2%)66 (3.5%)14.8X00 USD
elite player performance plan2075 (4%)X00 USD
online assistant17041 (0.5%)90 (4.8%)4.6X00 USD
waiting room magazines11023 (0.3%)44 (2.3%)5.2X00 USD
secure pastebin5090 (4.8%)X00 USD
luntan4057 (3%)X00 USD
zymax3207 (0.1%)59 (3.1%)1.2X00 USD
rich men290063 (0.7%)67 (3.5%)9.4X00 USD
krem do twarzy1068 (3.6%)X00 USD
gali satta7077 (4.1%)X00 USD
cpr manikins1900138 (1.6%)77 (4.1%)17.9X00 USD
satta king88084 (4.4%)X00 USD
fire poi290036 (0.4%)85 (4.5%)4.2X00 USD
fat burner660099 (1.2%)86 (4.5%)11.5X00 USD
hotel copenhagen21036 (0.4%)121 (6.4%)3X00 USD
designer jewelry290087 (1%)91 (4.8%)9.6X00 USD
lift x1091 (4.8%)X00 USD
edm festivals5400122 (1.4%)92 (4.9%)13.3X00 USD
flex belt22200168 (2%)94 (5%)17.9X00 USD
fishing kayak40500136 (1.6%)94 (5%)14.5X00 USD
cougar dating22200162 (1.9%)96 (5.1%)16.9X00 USD
app developer india170112 (1.3%)109 (5.8%)10.3X00 USD
avg support number9041 (0.5%)109 (5.8%)3.8X00 USD
hotel di bandung7013 (0.2%)110 (5.8%)1.2X00 USD
satta result40111 (5.9%)X00 USD
laser tag near me14800194 (2.3%)112 (5.9%)17.3X00 USD
naturaful540043 (0.5%)113 (6%)3.8X00 USD
asdasd6600114 (6%)X00 USD
alpha boost30116 (6.1%)X00 USD
decorative trash cans59024 (0.3%)119 (6.3%)2X00 USD
rave bras360049 (0.6%)124 (6.5%)4X00 USD
mac mail backup70124 (6.5%)X00 USD
ultra hd wallpapers160099 (1.2%)125 (6.6%)7.9X00 USD
2 wheel self balancing scooter707 (0.1%)126 (6.7%)0.6X00 USD
mail backup mac1061 (0.7%)127 (6.7%)4.8X00 USD
takeoff software39049 (0.6%)146 (7.7%)3.4X00 USD
coffee subscription190089 (1.1%)129 (6.8%)6.9X00 USD
siem reap810078 (0.9%)161 (8.5%)4.8X00 USD
looking for sex290073 (0.9%)131 (6.9%)5.6X00 USD
attorney40500853 (10.1%)135 (7.1%)63.2X00 USD
trainers540072 (0.9%)136 (7.2%)5.3X00 USD
cla safflower oil21016 (0.2%)137 (7.2%)1.2X00 USD
cashmere sweaters5400133 (1.6%)137 (7.2%)9.7X00 USD
prostate massager810076 (0.9%)138 (7.3%)5.5X00 USD
rave gear290033 (0.4%)138 (7.3%)2.4X00 USD
lagos22200180 (2.1%)175 (9.2%)10.3X00 USD
festival outfit26026 (0.3%)140 (7.4%)1.9X00 USD
dominatrix cams7015 (0.2%)142 (7.5%)1.1X00 USD
gamble4400143 (7.6%)X00 USD
interracial dating74000324 (3.8%)143 (7.6%)22.7X00 USD
dive computer290069 (0.8%)144 (7.6%)4.8X00 USD
make money online60500439 (5.2%)195 (10.3%)22.5X00 USD
boresha130018 (0.2%)145 (7.7%)1.2X00 USD
uhd wallpaper1000148 (7.8%)X00 USD
rave outfits990072 (0.9%)149 (7.9%)4.8X00 USD
sex toys368000149 (7.9%)X00 USD
weight loss90500884 (10.5%)150 (7.9%)58.9X00 USD
vitapulse20150 (7.9%)X00 USD
self-balancing scooter240021 (0.2%)150 (7.9%)1.4X00 USD
bordeaux27100432 (5.1%)184 (9.7%)23.5X00 USD
houston nightclubs13005 (0.1%)153 (8.1%)0.3X00 USD
english to french74000333 (3.9%)187 (9.9%)17.8X00 USD
business intelligence181001725 (20.4%)156 (8.2%)110.6X00 USD
tax405001086 (12.8%)159 (8.4%)68.3X00 USD
suomi casino70163 (8.6%)X00 USD
free spins88031 (0.4%)164 (8.7%)1.9X00 USD
how to make pizza12100127 (1.5%)167 (8.8%)7.6X00 USD
gift boyfriend708 (0.1%)173 (9.1%)0.5X00 USD
intellux30174 (9.2%)X00 USD
building an online community7023 (0.3%)174 (9.2%)1.3X00 USD
hairfall17062 (0.7%)176 (9.3%)3.5X00 USD
slots74000225 (2.7%)178 (9.4%)12.6X00 USD
job vacancies72030 (0.4%)180 (9.5%)1.7X00 USD
sugar daddy dating130041 (0.5%)186 (9.8%)2.2X00 USD
essential oils246000189 (10%)X00 USD
sneakers90500492 (5.8%)192 (10.1%)25.6X00 USD
sex dolls49500114 (1.3%)192 (10.1%)5.9X00 USD
phonegap developer7085 (1%)198 (10.5%)4.3X00 USD
3d printer store26027 (0.3%)200 (10.6%)1.4X00 USD
tips27100139 (1.6%)225 (11.9%)6.2X00 USD
bollywood news74000411 (4.9%)205 (10.8%)20X00 USD
dallas web design720106 (1.3%)208 (11%)5.1X00 USD
mature tube201000208 (11%)X00 USD
www tools409 (0.1%)215 (11.4%)0.4X00 USD
3d printer price12100111 (1.3%)217 (11.5%)5.1X00 USD
cheap 3d printer440052 (0.6%)219 (11.6%)2.4X00 USD
engagement rings673000226 (11.9%)X00 USD
webtools1600228 (12%)X00 USD
carpe2400231 (12.2%)X00 USD
domainer320234 (12.4%)X00 USD
seattle246000239 (12.6%)X00 USD
gift mother2016 (0.2%)248 (13.1%)0.6X00 USD
tattoo201000249 (13.1%)X00 USD
music videos135000253 (13.4%)X00 USD
viagra201000253 (13.4%)X00 USD
free money now810097 (1.1%)290 (15.3%)3.3X00 USD
paxil90500370 (4.4%)264 (13.9%)14X00 USD
short films5400141 (1.7%)266 (14%)5.3X00 USD
cheapest flights74000409 (4.8%)267 (14.1%)15.3X00 USD
senior dating2900109 (1.3%)271 (14.3%)4X00 USD
xanax450000281 (14.8%)X00 USD
bitcoin gambling100039 (0.5%)294 (15.5%)1.3X00 USD
videos673000294 (15.5%)X00 USD
internet marketing forum39065 (0.8%)309 (16.3%)2.1X00 USD
keranique40500197 (2.3%)296 (15.6%)6.7X00 USD
fashion blog14800172 (2%)296 (15.6%)5.8X00 USD
pastebin49500326 (17.2%)X00 USD
bmi450000304 (16.1%)X00 USD
flight165000720 (8.5%)307 (16.2%)23.5X00 USD
pnr status49500314 (16.6%)X00 USD
free movie site360046 (0.5%)315 (16.6%)1.5X00 USD
gambling14800323 (17.1%)X00 USD
hoverboards360024 (0.3%)326 (17.2%)0.7X00 USD
3d printer301000348 (18.4%)X00 USD
online marketing8100435 (5.1%)390 (20.6%)11.2X00 USD
magazine subscriptions18100267 (3.2%)358 (18.9%)7.5X00 USD
cialis165000360 (19%)X00 USD
free forum hosting1000138 (1.6%)366 (19.3%)3.8X00 USD
pictures301000367 (19.4%)X00 USD
modafinil60500634 (7.5%)369 (19.5%)17.2X00 USD
spanish translation673000409 (21.6%)X00 USD
poker74000178 (2.1%)415 (21.9%)4.3X00 USD
nettools48087 (1%)391 (20.6%)2.2X00 USD
music festival5400109 (1.3%)391 (20.6%)2.8X00 USD
casino90500422 (22.3%)X00 USD
free forum130052 (0.6%)395 (20.9%)1.3X00 USD
seo-tools8100340 (4%)397 (21%)8.6X00 USD
translater90500418 (4.9%)437 (23.1%)9.6X00 USD
domains12100454 (5.4%)413 (21.8%)11X00 USD
gold246000436 (23%)X00 USD
paris165000464 (24.5%)X00 USD
fashion110000439 (23.2%)X00 USD
seo905001486 (17.6%)441 (23.3%)33.7X00 USD
f5000000461 (24.3%)X00 USD
marketing60500864 (10.2%)494 (26.1%)17.5X00 USD
geniux59011 (0.1%)477 (25.2%)0.2X00 USD
festival18100177 (2.1%)526 (27.8%)3.4X00 USD
photography1100001525 (18%)543 (28.7%)28.1X00 USD
forskolin90500456 (5.4%)547 (28.9%)8.3X00 USD
online games368000573 (30.3%)X00 USD
airline tickets550000552 (29.1%)X00 USD
html90500805 (9.5%)558 (29.5%)14.4X00 USD
3d printing74000435 (5.1%)559 (29.5%)7.8X00 USD
omega 360500546 (6.5%)580 (30.6%)9.4X00 USD
dating sites1650001739 (20.6%)585 (30.9%)29.7X00 USD
gift22200232 (2.7%)626 (33.1%)3.7X00 USD
tutorial18100137 (1.6%)635 (33.5%)2.2X00 USD
keyword research tool160081 (1%)729 (38.5%)1.1X00 USD
insurance1100003346 (39.6%)747 (39.4%)44.8X00 USD
design49500623 (7.4%)774 (40.9%)8X00 USD
css905001248 (14.8%)785 (41.4%)15.9X00 USD
web550000831 (43.9%)X00 USD
dubai301000952 (50.3%)X00 USD
tickets60500361 (4.3%)953 (50.3%)3.8X00 USD
translate111000001001 (52.9%)X00 USD
airline22200185 (2.2%)988 (52.2%)1.9X00 USD
science2010001001 (52.9%)X00 USD
stockphotos1300141 (1.7%)1029 (54.3%)1.4X00 USD
travel135000589 (7%)1242 (65.6%)4.7X00 USD
Commercial ValueMathematical formula based on search volume and competition in AdWords of the keyword. If the value is empty it means that we did not find sufficient AdWords data.
SEO DifficultyMathematical formula based on a number of factors of the ranking URLs such as: link weight, URL-structures, type of domains etc.
Modified KEI= (Commercial Value/SEO Difficulty)*10. Inother words, the higher the number the better the word.
PriceOnly visible for account owners (SEO companies) and based on custom formula.

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